IDA Willkommen bei meinem Falcon BMS Bereich

Für die neuesten Inhalte drücken sie bitte 'F5', oder wählen sie im Menü 'Aktualisieren'...


Update for HighRes textures!

Osan in HighRes (first pics)


I awaited for an apology from the BMS devs...
But that will never happen.

One word to that situation:

It was not the first time that I was bashed.
First time because of my water tiles.
Now, again.

Howsoever, I decided to open again my pages for the sim, for you...
Also the download for my Osan Airbase mod...
But I will never visit the BMS forum again!
So, if one is still interested in my mod(s), you want to visit my webspace.








Osan Airbase


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